Use agroprotect for rumen protection and optimised synchronicity. agroprotect will increase rumen resistance of feed protein and starch on the basis of active organic salts. Protein protection also improves the availability of amino acids by more than 70%. As it is classified as a processing agent it can be used for mixed feeds and allows direct, on-farm feeding. agroprotect is harmless to human health and requires no additional technology. The well-defined dose-response relationship makes agroprotect a flexible and easily customisable product.


Highly effective, kaolinite-based endotoxin binding agent positively impacting the animal’s digestion and immunity systems. Reduces losses and improves performance.

Agrovit Carnitin

Agrovit Carnitin 50 - L-Carnitin blend (50% L-Carnitin)

Agrovit Carnitin 98 - L-Carnitin blend (98% L-Carnitin)

Cholin Extra

Highly available, vegetable choline concentrate. Rich in biologically available choline and betaine for use in blends and mixed feeds without the risk of chemical reactions with the vitamins.


99,5 % Dextrose


Zinkoxyd 72 - Zinc oxide used to produce blends (72%)

Zinkoxyd 75 - Zinc oxide used to produce blends (75%)